Certified Pool Operator in Sacramento Area!

Our Swimming Pool Service Operation Supervisor is a fully Certified Pool Operator in Sacramento.

Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Fully Certified Pool Operator in Sacramento!

This training has help protect millions of swimmers inside and outside of the Eldorado Hills and the Sacramento area.  Trained operators reduce hazards at aquatic facilities in 93 countries.

What is the Certified Pool Service/Spa Operator® Certification Program

CPO® certification courses are designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations. The Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification program has delivered more training than any other program in the pool and spa industry since 1972, resulting in more than 375,000 successful CPO® certifications in 94 countries. Many state and local health departments accept the CPO® certification program.