Customer Payments

Based on customer feedback and to give customers more payment options and flexibility, we are now adding PayPal payments as an accepted payment method.

Customers can now pay with their PayPal account or by credit card (you do not need a PayPal account to use this option). If you have an account, you can specify the amount of payment same as you do normally. Or you can use the payment button now on our website.

Due to limits on how we can setup the PayPal button, the payment is in increments of $20.00. (Example: If the payment you want to make is $100.00, select the quantity of 5)

All payments are sent to StarBright Group, Inc., dba. StarBright Pools.

Alternately payments can be sent via PayPal directly to Thank you.

To use, just click on the button below and follow the instructions. Super Simple!