Pool Inspection Service

Pool Inspection Service

Buying a house with a pool is great as pools are awesome for hosting parties and creating memories with your family and friends. But, if you’re not careful, buying a home with a swimming pool can easily turn from wonderful to a headache. That is why pool inspections are absolutely necessary before closing the deal on a house with a swimming pool.  Our pool and spa inspection service evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components, the water chemistry and more. After the inspection, we will provide you a written report with findings.

Pool Inspection Includes:

  • Evaluate safety hazards including fencing, gates, enclosures, proximity to electrical wires and location of electrical outlets
  • Evaluate the pool and deck surface condition (cracks, discoloration, and pitting) and the coping around the pool area (open joints, cracking)
  • Inspect drains for the presence of anti-vortex covers
  • Evaluate the current condition of pool components including the pool/spa lights, GFCI devices, junction box location & condition, pumps, filters, piping, timers, heaters, controls, accessories, skimmers and the electrical bonding
  • Operate the pump and check for leakage
  • Skim the pool and verify the functionality of the filtration system, heater, filter pressure and the operation of the spa blower
  • Evaluate water chemistry

Inspection Report

After completion of the inspection, a comprehensive report will be created. In addition to a summary of the inspection the report will include maintenance suggestions and areas that need attention. Our detailed report will enable you to feel confident in your purchase decision so you can focus on the fun family weekends with your new pool.

Make sure to review your pool inspection report with your inspector so you can better understand the findings of the pool inspection. This will allow you the opportunity to make the best decisions possible going forward.

Building Permits and Your Pool Inspection

If you are building a new pool or spa in Sacramento County, make sure you have the appropriate building permits. Click here for more information.

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