California Drought Update

As with most news regarding the drought in California, the latest California drought update is both reassuring and a bit concerning. The good news is clear to most of the state – the fact that it has finally started to rain. After much hand wringing and worry that El Nino would fizzle out before doing the state any good, storms have begun hitting both Northern and Southern California with considerable force. Both rainfall and snowfall levels are now approaching or surpassing average levels thanks to the fresh influx of moisture, and if this level of rainfall continues it will go a long way to put a significant dent in the state’s water deficit.
california drought update
This influx of rain doesn’t come without a price however, as after even just a few days of rainfall many in California are already beginning to worry about the quite real possibility of flooding. The combination of a lack of preparations, dry conditions, and the damage done by wildfires over the years is volatile enough to threaten widespread flooding all over the state. Southern California especially stands at the most risk, and in fact in several locations both flooding and mud slides have already begun. It is important to take steps to protect yourself and your home in this time, such as clearing gutters and spillways to ensure proper drainage. Pool maintenance is another crucial step, such as making sure that pools are tightly covered to keep out debris and that all covers are properly maintained so they are not damaged by high winds.
It is also important to keep in mind that the current rainfall does not guarantee that California is in the clear when it comes to the drought. It is a good sign that the state is receiving rain and that it looks like El Nino is just getting started, but even one heavy rainy season will not erase the water deficit that California has accumulated. It is crucial to stay vigilant on both water savings as well as to be aware of the regulations that may be passed in regards to pools throughout the state. The CPSA is still hard at work monitoring all of the agendas of cities, counties, and water districts throughout California to ensure that no harmful restrictions are passed, and we encourage our members to stay aware and act as an additional line of defense. The pool industry needs you.  More Information