Hot Tub Sales Sacramento

The 3 Keys to a Hot Tub Sale
by Cailley Hammel

The door to your store swings open. The familiar chime from the door sensor rings through the air, instinctively pulling your eyes to the entryway. You see someone standing there, looking curiously at the hot tubs on your floor.

This person could be your next hot tub sale. Are you prepared?

When it comes to hot tub sales expertise, it’s hard to beat Juliet Phelps. Co-owner of Ajax Pool and Spa in the competitive Aspen, Colo., market, Phelps has decades of spa sales under her belt and has won 13 Jacuzzi International Design Awards in a row.

How is she so successful? From sale to installation, she keeps three things in mind: trust, value and excitement.

We chatted with Phelps about these steps and how they lead to better sales in a spa store.  – Read More.